On the community platform, creative projects will be posted by writers, artists, composers and producers.For example, if a writer has an idea for a story, he/she will look for an artist who will be able to create the images for the story and a composer who can create the music for it. People with these skills will start applying for the project and eventually the writer will build his creative team.After everyone from the team has contributed to the project (the digital story) with his own part, the first episode will be published on the community board and then the readers can read it from there and will start rating it with 1 to 5 stars.The ranking of the stories will be based on a league system. Everyone will start off at the bronze league. When he has 50 or more 5 star ratings, he will get upgraded to the silver league. Once he receives 150 or more 5 star ratings, he reaches the gold league.The top 5 gold stories will be published on our main website.The novels that are not published in one season will have another chance the next season.

Thus, authors will be encouraged to make their products better so as to win the gold next time. Our community will be a place, where writers, artists and readers will interact with each other and we believe that this is one of keys to creating the best quality.