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We strive to cover all kinds of interests on Senserial. If you love writing children's books, why don't create your own channel, where you can release Good Night episodes for the little ones? Members can subscribe and follow your channel and never miss out on a good story.

Not a writer?

Don't worry, our community is for all creative people. Why don't you create a Senserial channel, where you can release your newest videos about DIY or How to...logs? Our members can subscripe to the channel and follow your work.

Create something new!

Everyone has different skills to offer, at Sennection we strive to combine all of them together, to create something great.

Writers, composers and artists can meet up and share their creative ideas.

Our Creative Community - How it works

Senserial is a collaborative community where writers, composers and graphic artists can create multimedia webapps and ebooks together.

Everyone will have the opportunity to create an own Senserial-Channel. Members can follow that channel and also subscripe to it and read their newest episodes or watch a newly released video through our community platform. There are many great writers, composers, and artists out there, seeking a place to show the world their creative ideas - which is why we have created Senserial, to give those people a platform to meet up.