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The Star

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Episode 12/12

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The stories of eight different people and a mysterious young woman, whose mission is to awaken mankind, are intertwined in this intriguing novel about dark secrets, obscure conspiracies, and the salvation…


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Episode 1/12

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Candace was born into a world of magic and secrets. As a shifter, she has trained all her life to be a guardian to protect a higher class of the Dragmon Order. When the day of her 16th birthday approaches,…
A man, trying to escape from his past life and a lone wolf - a fateful encounter and a quest through different experiences, that will bring valuable lessons about life.A man, trying to escape from his…
The Creative Community - The Online Talent Workshop

How does it work?

On the community platform, creative projects will be posted by writers, artists, composers and producers.For example, if a writer has an idea for a story, he/she will look for an artist who will be [...]

Who We Are?

Persons behind the scene


Our Idea

To encourage people to read more, we have worked out a new way of reading novels. We decided to slice the reading into pieces, so that people can have the time to read a whole novel.Our idea is to [...]

The Creative Community - The Online Talent Workshop

How It Works

What we believe will make us different as a publisher, is the way of creating and publishing the novels, in which also the readers will be involved. We are currently building our online community, where creative people like writers, composers, artists, and producers will get together to work on a mutual project - creating a digital novel. This will be like an online talent workshop, where creative people will be in a direct competition with each other. In these competitive times and in a world that is overwhelmed with information, it is hard for people with creative ideas to catch the attention of the audience.